"To be the Centre of Excellence in the area of Financial Management for good governance. To provide a conducive environment for training and research in the Finance and Accounts discipline for the Indian Railways, Government Agencies and other Infrastructure sectors of the Indian Economy as a whole."

Mission Statement

Foster the attitudes and values that every Civil Servant should possess
Promote all round development of Officer Trainees – Intellectual, Ethical, Social and Cultural
Familiarise Officer Trainees with the core business areas and requirements of an Accounts Officer of the Indian Railways
Enable Officer Trainees to handle their responsibilities and to equip them with the basic professional skills and knowledge required for their job
Prepare Officer Trainees to take up the challenging assignments in various government and non-governmental infrastructure enterprises
Centre for training Officers in Internal Audit of Railways and Infrastructure Projects
Coordinate and collaborate with various centres of excellence in India and other countries, to keep abreast with progress made in the areas of Infrastructure Finance and Accounts
Establish a team and facilities to train Foreign Railway personnel in Infrastructure and Project Finance and Accounting
Be a repository of all Historical Data and documents of Indian Railways, a State-of-the-art Digital Library which can be accessed by all the Indian Railway personnel to aid decision making
Be a seat of research and development for building Case Studies on Indian Railways